Against Attachment Theory. Hosted by CCRI, Edinburgh University. Video recording available via this link: Jonathan Wyatt’s Personal Meeting Room – Zoom

Against Self-care. Interviewed by Alison Strasser of the Centre for Existential Practice, Australia. Video Recording available from this link:

The Power of Story: Manu interviewed by novelist Tim Lott

Zen & The Art of Therapy. Introduction to the workshop

Where It Was, Others Shall Be: Desire, Otherness, and the Alien Inside 90mins online seminar

On Existential Psychotherapy — an Interview

Buddhism and the Counter-tradition an interview with Ron Purser for the Mindful Cranks. Audio podcast. click on the link below

Maculate Conceptions a 90mins online seminar

The Tyranny of Hope and the Transformative Tendency Talk at WAPCEP Conference, Vienna, July 2018. Audio. Click on the link

Becoming-Animal: the Actualizing Tendency Revisited

Is the Person-centred Approach still a Radical Paradigm? In conversation with John Wilson

The Organism, the Unconscious and the Body-without-Organs Introduction to a weekend workshop November 2020

Slowness in the Digital Age: talk at the Camden Arts Centre June 2014 (40:00 to 1:06:02)

Zen Practice, therapy and applications

The Absolute and the Relative, therapy and spirituality. Q&A with Julie Webb following a workshop at Shrewsbury College, March 2015